#LIFTSYDNEY Competition – Personally Identifiable Information

Your participation in the #LiftSydney giveaway will involve providing us with personally identifiable information which we collect and use to organise the competition and to promote our products, and events to you.

Full details of your rights in relation to the information we collect, how we use it, who we share it with, how long we keep it and how to end use of it by us is set out in our Privacy Notice which you can read on our website.

I consent to use of my personal information for the purpose of organising and publicising Gymshark’s #LiftSydney giveaway and for Gymshark to promote its products, services and events to me – SHOW US IF YOU CONSENT TO THIS BY COMMENTING HERE: #LiftSydney Competition | Caption This. : https://www.gymshark.com/blogs/news/liftsydney-competition-caption-this)